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It's a fact of life that at some stage in our lives we must make the choice to borrow money. The largest debt that most of us will have is that of a home loan. It can be daunting when looking at the figures involved and the length of time needed to pay the loan off.

Banks are increasingly cautious when looking at home loans. Even a good long term relationship with a bank doesn't mean automatic acceptance. The government has also introduced measures to curtail rising house prices. They have introduced minimum deposits, foreign buyer restrictions,  and the Anti Money Laundering act. 

All of these things have meant more work for the banks, lawyers, real estate agents and YOU. It's almost as though you have to go cap in hand begging the bank to give you the money for a home. This has brought a huge amount of stress to the borrower, something they could do without!

So what's the answer? Is there a better way? Less stressful, easier people to deal with? This is where Mortgage Brokers come in! They are the professional intermediary who will do the dirty stressful work for you. We recommend that you sit down with a mortgage broker to discuss possibilities. 

We work in closely with The Loan Market. Our local adviser is the wonderful Tenzin Choedon.  Tenzin has the office right next door to ours and is one of the hardest workers in our agency. Often Tenzin and ourselves are the last ones to leave!

There is a wealth of information available on their website. Home loan tables and calculators can be found at .

 You could also use the ones below to give an idea of your borrowing capacity.

Do your lending self a favour...  Use Loan Market....

Oops, forgot to mention... it's a FREE service!




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