Market Value Certificate

A full appraisal is extremely useful in determining market value of a property. It gives a range of values that your property may achieve if put on the market at any particular time. A property appraisal is also a legal requirement before any agency agreement is signed. It involves a meeting to inspect your property resulting in an extensive appraisal with an incredible amount of information. Our team produces world class appraisals for zero fees. These appraisals are extensive and take a considerable amount of time to compile.

When we looked at the process, it was found that many people are rather reticent to have an appraisal done, possibly because they think there is pressure to sell. Maybe you believe this. Maybe you believe that there is no use in getting an appraisal done unless you are selling.

We agree... to a point. Whilst the appraisal is an incredibly useful document, there is another way of achieving a result that will indicate market value without the need to do full appraisals. Our team has come up with a unique process that will achieve a result with no long meetings or consultations. It will give you an idea of how your market value is tracking at regular intervals. Previously there have been suburb market values available but specific figures for individual properties have been more difficult to obtain.

The JEPC Market Value Certificate is the latest initiative to be introduced through our team. It is an easy, simplified version of a full appraisal. It should be done at regular intervals, certainly not more than 1 year apart. To begin the process, we carry out a full appraisal and then use this as a basis for the ongoing certificates. The initial appraisal may be done either in person or via our Virtual Appraisal System. As always, this service is free and subject to availability.


To apply for your regular Market Value Certificate, please enter your details below and one of our team will be in touch.

This Market Value Certificate is not an official certificate of valuation. It is an indication of a property's market value at a particular moment in time. It should not be used for any other reason. 

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