Covid-19 Digital Response

The New Normal


This pandemic is changing, and will continue to change the way we live. This means that day to day life will possibly never be the same again. New ways of adapting our work and social lives will need to be found. In truth, this could be an advantage for many. The digital arena will become more important and great advances could be made. We are already seeing virtual meetings becoming the new normal, and most likely this will continue for many people. After all, it is far easier to log into an app than fight rush hour traffic!

Virtual Reality (VR) technology will come into it's own in many areas of our business and personal lives. In communication, apps such as Google Meet and Zoom will come to the fore. The way people write music is changing. A band won't need to be in the same room to record or even play a live concert! Friday night drinks have been proven to be interesting online and less expensive! 

In the Real Estate industry, the new normal will be heavily reliant on digital technology. Virtual Reality must be embraced by agents if they want to survive. Personal meetings are an extremely important in the sales process, however VR will enhance this important part. Communication with clients and potential clients won't change. In fact it becomes more important than ever. A sense of community, with people helping people, must be the new normal. Jude, Pete, Kim and Vicky are heavily involved in our community and will continue to do whatever we can to enhance the lives of people around us. The new normal is with us. We can either embrace it or fight it... Team JEPC choose to embrace it. More information about VR is found on Wikipedia

The digital realm


The real estate industry is undergoing massive changes. This is especially so in the digital field. Every month there seems to be new offerings from multiple companies. Ray White are the leaders in digital implementation. It partly explains the meteoric rise in market share around the Eastern Bays.


Jude, Pete, Kim and Vicky are early adopters of digital technology. As a result, our team gains opportunities from companies wanting to test their products. These gains are passed onto you. JEPC are at the cutting edge of technology. This is a massive point of difference for our team over many other agents.

Virtual appraisals:


The first stage in our team's implementation of VR focuses on appraisals. This is an extremely important service, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. It is vital that you know the most accurate figure for your property if it went to market. There is no pressure to actually put your property on the market. It merely supplies you with the most up to date market value of your property. In these times of uncertainty, this is valuable information and comes free of charge!


The method used in determining market value is the same in both VR and "Face to Face" situations. Comparable properties sold in recent months and in the same location are analysed. The similarities and differences are listed together with a description of how desirable each property is compared to the subject property.

An appraisal should be done at least once a year to ensure you keep up with what is happening in the market. Consider it your property's annual checkup! The question real estate agents are commonly asked at every gathering is "what's the market doing?" The only way to answer this accurately is to check what your own property is worth. The market information for your own suburb is also collated and forms part of the overall report.


To begin the VR process, visit . There is no obligation and it doesn't cost you a cent. It is a free service. If you decide to sell at any time, we hope you would choose our team to market your property.





















Virtual property inspections and open homes

Every Saturday and Sunday there are multiple open homes. Buyers have to choose which ones they attend and often miss inspecting a property that they could have purchased. Individual private inspections can be arranged but only when the vendor agrees, the agent is available and the buyer available. This is a juggling act at the best of times and can't always be arranged at short notice. Photos are one thing, but they only tell part of the story. This is where VR come into it's own.


By offering VR inspections, the sales audience is increased. This results in more potential buyers seeing more of your property. The actual tour is viewed either on a desktop computer, phone or tablet in a 360° photo tour. For a fully immersive experience, a smartphone can be used along with a simple device called a Google Cardboard viewer. They are available free of charge through our team (whilst stocks last) or inexpensively online. Complete instructions are available for both of these options.


Designing an interior

Prior to the date of settlement, there is normally a bit of a rush. Apart from lawyers, banks, and paperwork, there is the matter of furniture. You have to work out where everything goes and what would look good. With VR technology, you can make some of these decisions without physically being there. This enables a lot more insight into the spaces available for your new home. Spend hours looking at the VR presentation. There's no rush because nobody else will be there (even pesky real estate agents!). You have virtual access to the property at any time!

We care

The Covid-10 crisis has had a huge effect on the way we all live. We are immensely proud to be Kiwi's. We are also proud to be part of Wayne Maguire's One Team in St Heliers. The fact is that things will change... they have to. The new technology we are presenting doesn't change the basic premise of Real Estate. This industry is all about people. It's about communication and relationships. However more than all these things, in the end... The most important thing is, It's all about YOU and your needs. We really do care.

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