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Ray White St Heliers

Maguire Realty Ltd (Licensed REAA 2008)

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Jude和Pete都是St Heliers出生的。他们对东部海湾地区有广泛的了解。

  • Jude和Pete拥有独特的技能。有关详情,请参阅我们的“关于我们”页面。

  • Jude和Pete是一个充满活力的团队,拥有2名个人管理人员。

  • 裘德和皮特永远不会“买”你的上市。


  • Jude自2012年以来一直在销售房地产。她在过去3年中获得了精英地位,并且在此之前是首相。为实现这一目标,她每年必须出售约20至25处房产。

  • 彼得是球队的新成员。在前两个月,Jude和Pete共售出5处房产。拍卖清盘率为100%


  • Jude和Pete是Maguires One Team的一员。 Wayne Maguire拥有5家Ray White代理商,并已召集超过10,000家拍卖会。

  • 他们的办公室位于圣赫利尔斯Polygon路10号的Ray White办公室。

Should I sell/buy now?

  • 无论您是在卖还是买,市场都会决定价格。市场在做什么并不重要,房产的价值只是人们愿意支付的价值。

  • 您在同一市场上买卖。

Do you work with buyers?

  • 绝对!这是一项免费服务!!

  • Jude和Pete花了很多时间确保他们的买家找到他们的梦想家园。

  • 他们与首次购房者合作,帮助他们了解房地产交易所涉及的流程。

What is the market doing?

  • Real Estate agents get asked this question ad nauseam. The simple answer is "the market sets it's own pace and value".

  • 2019 is an interesting year. There is a definite slow down in Auckland house prices. It is a "buyer's market" for the medium turn future, however this could change quickly.

Can we trust you?

  • Jude and Pete hold integrity to be the highest priority when interacting with clients. They will NEVER compromise this.

  • Trust and respect can never be assumed. It needs to be earn't. 

  • Schedule an appointment and see for yourself.

Market share?

  • Maguires One Team are the clear market leaders in the Eastern Bays area. Their market share is nearly 50%.. This means that virtually half of all homes listed are Ray White properties.

  • With 5 offices in the Maguires Group, Ray White continues to grow and help more vendors and buyers reach their goals.